17 Things About Me

  1. I am the oldest of three girls.
  2. I got married two weeks after I graduated from college. It was a very busy season of my life.
  3. I LOVE Disney World. I was twenty-four the first time I went and I cried when I saw Cinderella’s Caste. I’ve been twice more since then and fall more in love every time.
  4. I work in the accounting department of a library.
  5. Blue is my favorite color because I have yet to encounter and ugly shade of blue. (There are some awful shades of green, orange and yellow out there.)
  6. I have two cats, Ellie and Sybill. Ellie is a manx cat, which means she has a cropped tail. Sybill is a calico. They are named after characters in Harry Potter. Ten points to Gryffindor to whoever can figure out where Ellie is in the story.
  7. Harry Potter is my favorite book series and I’m a Hufflepuff.
  8. I’m an aunt! I have one nephew and one niece and I love them so much!
  9. I have played piano for the last twenty-two years.
  10. I have performed in Carnegie Hall in New Your City with my high school choir. It was AMAZING!
  11. I don’t really enjoy cooking but in high school I LOVED watching cooking shows on TV.
  12. I start listening to Christmas music in September. My husband is one of those nothing Christmas until Thanksgiving is over people so I listen to early Christmas music when he is not around ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Elephants are one my favorite animals.
  14. I have very neat handwriting (most of the time.)
  15. I have never left the Eastern Standard Time-Zone
  16. I once went to a potato party where everyone brought some sort of potato dish. Mashed potatoes, potato chips, I brought potato candy (it’s delicious.)
  17. Seventeen is my favorite number ๐Ÿ™‚

A Very Good Place to Start

Hey everyone,

I would like to officially welcome you to my corner of the internet. I want this space at January Lane to be my internet home of sorts. I want to write about the ups and downs of life, how I’m trying to live the best one possible (because you only get one) and I’m hoping to connect with you to learn some of your tips and tricks as well.

A little about me, I’m in my late twenties and my husband and I have been married for five years. I enjoy playing piano, reading and writing. I have two cats (you will probably see pictures of them frequently) and I love going to Disney World (I have lots of pictures from there too.) I am the oldest of three girls and I love having sisters. I am not the best at cooking or gardening but hoping to improve upon those skills this year.

What I plan on writing about here:

We bought a house four years ago with the intention of allowing all my decorating dreams come true. However, actually making decisions about my home is a little more challenging for me then I thought. I’ve painted my kitchen, that’s it. I’d like to make our home a little more “us” and I’m hoping to document that progress here.

Secondly, my husband and I have been dealing with infertility the last couple of years. I’d like to share our journey in my next post and then have a few updates throughout the year when there is (hopefully) something to update about.

I love to read. I’d like to use this little online space to talk about books. I love a good novel but I also read a lot of non-fiction books about money/budgeting, business, leadership, time management, etc. Expect book reviews, book lists, reading tips, etc.

I also love to write. I’ve been an avid journal writer for the past seventeen years. Instead of keeping all my thoughts in little notebooks on the shelf, I’d like to write here. I might write about something funny or a serious idea I’m reflecting on. Who knows, we will see what stories I will have to share!

Lastly, this blog is one of my goals for the year. To post in the space every Sunday. (I actually wrote a quick post on my old blog the first Sunday of this year so I would be on track even though I hadn’t set this blog up yet.) However, my word for 2017 is PROGRESS. I am the type of person who has a very hard time taking action until everything is perfect (hence the reason I have such a hard time decorating my house.) I am trying to let go ofย  perfection and make progress. So this space doesn’t have a custom theme, I don’t have a lot of pictures going on yet but I want to curate my little internet address into something beautiful and meaningful that will be a place of encouragement and gathering for many. However, right now it’s not perfect but I am making progress and that is better than sitting still.

I’m excited to see how things will grow and change as I share my story here. Thank you for taking the time to read my words. Have a wonderful week!



Taking on a Challenge

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To be honest, putting together this website has been challenging for me. Why can’t things flow smoothly, what are all these add-ons and why do they cost so much money, why don’t they explain things more clearly. And no, I don’t have to spend one hundred dollars on a theme so why does that look like my only option.

I am pushing through. I want to write and share and that means I will walk through the muddy waters of setting up my own website.

I can take on this challenge. I will do this.